The biggest value we bring to you as a potential candidate is our ACCESS to employers, our ABILITY to technically vet skill set matches and our EXPERTISE when negotiating your employment offer package.  By access, we mean the industry relationships we have cultivated with Presidents, Owners and Operations Executives across the country who reach out to us daily with their talent needs.  Here’s a rundown of advantages you gain by working with our firm.

  •  We are experts in this Niche. We know the equipment-makes, models and manufacturers.  We know the electric power supply chain from generation, to transmission to distribution, storage and quality assessment. 

  •   We have access to career opportunities that are “unpublished” and have longstanding relationships with companies across the United States.  This gives us the ability to make candidate recommendations to top level decision makers without waiting on cumbersome internal recruitment processes.

  •  We keep your candidacy 100% confidential letting you have peace of mind that you can explore your options while currently employed.

  •  If you are chosen for an interview through us, that means you are being considered as part of a much smaller group of applicants, giving you a real competitive advantage in the consideration process.  We are also able to give you real time feedback which is a far cry from being lost in some resume database hoping your online application gets reviewed.

  •  We work on a commission basis which means if we don’t get someone hired, we don’t get compensated.  This makes us very serious about what we do.  It ensures we will not waste the employers time or your time as a candidate if we don’t think it is a match.  We only recommend candidates that are technically qualified for the roles our clients need to fill, and we ensure these are roles that make sense for you as a candidate.  We are striving for a long term fit for you, not just a job change.  Our reputation is everything to us.

  • We can help you with interview advice, resume advice and share with you what we see happening in the industry to help determine where you might best fit in.  Sometimes these types of conversations can be invaluable.

  •  We clarify and educate you on the role and what our clients have to offer.  We can help fill in the knowledge gaps on everything from the job description, benefits overviews to understanding the employers wage scales and policies on annual salary increases. 

  •  We can help negotiate an employment package that works for you.  Often, it is the little things that can derail a successful offer but our expertise helps you address what is important to you before those items become deal breakers. 

  •  If relocation is involved, we can help navigate the process for both your personal situation and an employer sponsored move.

  •  We don’t overcharge our clients like the big firms so which means we have more employers wanting to work with us.  This means more opportunities for you through us in the long run!

Advantages to Working with Us at Power Careers

From the Candidate’s Perspective