How We Work  With Our Candidates

To detail our entire recruitment process can be wordy, so use this as a summary only.  Each of our clients (your potential new employer) is different and often have different expectations on what information needs to be provided for employment consideration.  Keep this in mind as well as the fact that our fees are paid by the clients for finding you and facilitating this process, not by you as the candidate.

We begin by reviewing your resume and asking questions about:

  • your employment progression and what you would like to be doing in the future

  • your current scope of work/practice, this may include a detailed technical assessment query

  • gaps in employment and why you left certain positions

  • your technical training /education background

  • travel and geography preferences

  • motivations for change

  • overall ambitions

  • salary history

  • past reporting relationships

  • non-competition agreements

  • achievements

  • how serious you are about making a career change

If you match the skills, abilities and experience our clients are looking for, we outline and share the client’s information with you such as who they are, why they need someone with your background, a job description, the company’s website, and overview of how they might move forward with you as a candidate. As other questions come up on things such as benefits, reporting relationships, compensation expectations, those details are also shared and discussed.

With your approval, we discuss your candidacy on a confidential basis with our client. We do a thorough overview on your skills, abilities, experiences and potential.   We make recommendations on meeting with you for further consideration and let them know your availability.  We do more than just send a resume; we share with the decision makers how your experience adds value to their organization and why we feel this is a good fit for their needs, both immediate and long term.

If mutually interested, our client will provide us with available interview times and we set up the details and ensure you know when to expect an interview call or where to be for an onsite interview.

We help facilitate travel arrangements, relocation considerations if applicable, and deeper research into the company’s background and the individuals you would be interviewing with.

We keep you apprised on the feedback received from our client about your interview, their interest level in moving forward and check in with you frequently to let you know where things stand.

Our client may have us administer their employment application, technical assessments and perform reference checks with your permission.

If things move forward to an offer, we help negotiate your offer package and ensure all pre-employment steps are covered.  We work very hard to ensure you have all the information you need to both fully consider the offer and all the information you need for a successful transition if you do accept.

Finally, we help counsel you through your resignation process, notice period and check in with you periodically to gauge how successful your transition has been.