We are not a franchise firm, we are a niche market recruitment firm catering specifically to the electrical power and energy markets….as well as mission critical equipment manufacturers, contractors, constructors and service providers.

We are not sales people trying to upsell our services and oversell the candidates we work with.  What you see is what you get and we succeed on the premise that we can technically vet the right talent pool and read our candidate’s motivations and commitment levels effectively.

We are not the answer to every candidate’s career search efforts.  We are hired by our clients (the employers) to find candidates who possess specific skill sets, experience levels and geography preferences.  Every search is different, that is why it is important to stay in contact with us, sign up for our opportunity updates and to let us know when you (as a candidate) may be ready to make a career change

We are not a database repository or a third party firm that simply tries to match resumes to vacancies.  You would be surprised if you knew how many of the large chains did this.  To the contrary, we are specialized head hunters who know our trade and focus on the essentials of candidate vetting.

Who We Are    
Let us answer with who we are not!

​​We are not resume marketers.  Many firms will take candidate resumes, sometimes without candidate consent, and market their information to several hundred companies hoping to generate interest as a sales tactic.  Our ethics prevent us from operating this way, and all of our candidate submissions are done in confidentiality with both the candidate and employer’s consent to mutually review each others information.