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-Regional Sales Engineer

​​-VP of HR

-Data Center Manager

-VP of Transmission

-Firmware Engineer

-Regional Power Systems Sales  Dir.

-President of Western Ops


-NETA IV Technician

-Field Services Manager

-Transformer Designer

-VP of Sales

-Sales Engineer

-Apps Engineer

-UPS Tech

-Field Svc. Manager

-Marketing & Sales VP

-Data Center Power Syst. Mgr

-Power Systems Designer-EE

-Power Studies PE

-Service Center Manager

-Field Service Technician


-Substation Tech

-Relay Engineer

-P&C Engineer

-Switchgear Designer

-Project Manager

-Controls Engineer

-Power Quality Service Engineer

-Planning Engineer

​​There are recruitment firms and then there is us.  At Power Careers, we take immense pride in driving the power industry recruitment standards forward, focusing on skill sets, verifiable experience,  commitment to quality, and of course  safety. We recruit nationally on both a contingency and retained basis. We design recruitment programs based on our client's needs.


Electrical & Power Industry Recruitment

Within Energy, Power Generation, Power Distribution, Power Transmission, Critical Power, Data Center and Packaged Power Markets


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When you have a search assignment that needs to be treated with the utmost confidentiality, or the greatest sense of urgency, call us.  If it is not something that we feel is in our wheelhouse, we will be the first to disclose that we may not be the firm for you.  This is no frills, hardcore recruiting, plain and simple.  Power Careers, Power Industry Recruitment Experts!  Covering electrical power and energy within the power generation, power distribution, power transmission, critical power, data center and packaged power markets.


Power Careers came together in 2015 when a network of Power Industry Recruiters began looking to do more than sell clients on over priced fees for searches performed by people with little to no experience  in this niche.  We keep an old fashioned attitude about our work by letting our results do the talking.  That means relying on  us as specialists because we live and breathe this business each and every day.  We  seek out, qualify and place candidates  in roles that make sense for the candidate's work/life goals.  Recruitment that is more meaningful and more practical to both candidates and employers alike. We are Power Careers, no frills recruitment focused on skills that are hard to find for a reasonable price.  No one else in the recruitment industry that does power can provide a better value proposition.

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When you're dealing with an industry as complicated as power and energy, it's easy to get lost in the terminology.  Power Careers electrical power industry recruitment within energy, power generation, power distribution, power transmission, critical power, data center and packaged power markets.  Read on to explore the sectors & products.

​​​Our power industry recruitment standards are high. So high in fact, we're in a league of our own. We formulate unique search plans determined on a case by case basis with economical pricing.  Our search experts are recognized names in this niche with reputations and clients/candidates who have followed them across the years.

Power Industry Recruitment

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Deciding to work with power recruiters is no easy decision.  What we can ensure candidates of is honest communication, timely feedback and confidentiality of your resume, personal information and interview status.  Our fees are paid by our clients (the employers).  We work on positions on a national basis and will guide you from start to finish.